History of a Snowball

Snowballs are the quintessential summertime dessert of Maryland. These summer treats came to when 1800’s when ice became widely available to the average citizen. As huge carts of ice travelled through Baltimore, the drivers would shave off some of the ice in cups to the workers and children in the area. They quickly discovered the delight of adding different flavors including Egg Custard with Marshmallow topping which is still a staple to this day. 

There are many variations of this shaved ice made all over the world including Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Latin and South America. They can be known called things such as Raspada, Granizado, Nieve, Piragua, Boabing, Yun Yun, along with many other things. Some of these will have fresh fruits, beans, jellies, ice cream, condensed milk, but most importantly, Shaved Ice. Its closest rivals would be the “Snoball” hailing from New Orleans and the popular Hawaiian "Shave Ice".

Yeti’s Snow Stand wants to bring you the most authentic versions of these and also create a new version that’s enjoyable by everyone here in South Florida. All of our syrups are provided by vendors located in Baltimore, Hawaii, or locally prepared here in Miami. We use the most natural ingredients and only use real sugar for our syrups. We offer Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Sugar Free, and Diet syrups. If you don’t see something you like just ask



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